EBP in Olofström manufactures body panels for a number of leading car manufacturers in Europe. We specialise in production for both series production and aftermarket solutions.

Our activities are characterised by the fact that:

  • We meet our customers’ expectations
  • We always comply with applicable laws and other requirements related to our business, in all situations.
  • We promote constant learning and ensure that continuous improvement forms part of our day-to-day work in order to create a basis for enhanced quality, less     vulnerability to disruption and more skilled, varied and stimulating work.
  • We carry out active systematic working environment management to create a physically, mentally and socially healthy and developing workplace for all employees, where risks of work-related illness and accidents are identified, prevented and     followed up.
  • We constantly prevent and reduce our environmental impact by developing our production, services and processes.
  • We measure quality and gauge environmental performance against set targets and key performance indicators.
  • We take environmental aspects into consideration in terms of their environmental     impact in relation to good economics.
  • Everyone working at EBP is responsible for delivering products and services on time, to the right quality and at the right cost.
  • We are constantly striving towards economic, social and environmental sustainability, i.e. development that meets today’s needs without compromising the ability of     future generations to meet their own needs.
  • We run our business at a profit so as to ensure sustainability and the opportunity to improve society.
  • People working for EBP must never resort to bribery, either receiving or giving with a view to creating or maintaining business.

Our core values.

At EBP, we demonstrate sound core values through consideration, respect, appreciation and trust. We take responsibility for ouractions and follow rules and decisions.

Our three values are Respect, Commitment and Professionalism.