Our business is characterized by customer orientation. Our policy is that our customers should clearly perceive that we deliver considerable added value that increases their competitiveness and the quality of their products. Our customers perceive us as a model partner that delivers the best overall concept. All employees of EBP are responsible for delivering error-free, competitive products and services, on time and within the expected quality to internal and external customers.

  • We ensure good solutions and results.
  • Our business is driven by processes and to create value for the customer.
  • We will work on continuous improvement is part of our daily business.
  • Our employees are well-motivated and skilled.

Quality Policy

All employees of EBP is responsible for delivering products and services on time and with the expected quality to external and internal customers. The quality is continuously improved by:

  • Quality improvements must be continuous and be a natural part of everyday business.
  • Leadership at EBP will involve a dedicated commitment to quality work.
  • Each employee is responsible for parts or service he/she deliveres.
  • We will endeavor to work right from the start.

Environmental Policy

EBP in Olofström, as a manufacturer of body parts to the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers should strive to produce products that reduce environmental impact and consume less energy, raw materials and chemicals throughout their life cycle.

In our environmental policy, we would like to describe to EBP important statement about how our business will contribute to long term sustainable development in environmental education impact.

In order to achieve this:

  • Is our aim to offer our customers high quality products with low environmental impact.
  • Facing a commitment to follow and comply with applicable laws and regulations from government agencies and other stakeholders.
  • we will strive to continually prevent and reduce environmental impact through the development of production, services and manufacturing processes.
  • we focus our efforts on minimizing the consumption of raw materials and energy, reduce traffic and to minimize the generation of wastes and residues.
  • we collate environmental aspects and objectives into daily working practices to achieve continuous improvement.
  • We request knowledge, commitment and complete participation in the realization of this environmental policy.