We are the right partner for the production and supply of sheet metal parts in both the series production and spare parts segment. We are experts when it comes to handling complex flows and producing complex steel and aluminium parts with stringent surface requirements (class A surface).   

Our extensive experience in the automotive industry means we are able to meet stringent demands for body panels and other sheet metal parts.


Products delivered on time

When it comes to Tier 1 deliveries of body panels and structural components, EBP has the capacity and expertise to produce prefabricated assemblies and individual components of the highest quality.

Our flexible OEM concept is based on state-of-the-art production technology, optimised to cope with varying production volumes. Our ability to customise both production and logistics solutions enables us to meet our customers’ requirements for manufacturing processes and quality standards.


  • Outstanding expertise and know-how in the pressing, assembly and ED-coating of steel, high-strength steel, stainless steel and aluminium
  • Efficient production regardless of component size – we handle everything from small     beams to large body panels for truck cabs
  • Capacity to handle JIT (Just-In-Time) sequence deliveries
  • Fast handling of production takeovers and product change requests
  • IATF16949 and ISO 14000


A unique original parts concept

OES (Original Equipment Spares) production was our original business concept, and some of our production still focuses on the service market. Our turnkey concept for spare parts production includes high-capacity pressing, flexible assembly solutions, world-class ED-coating and packaging optimised for customers’ distribution options. Our expertise in these areas means body and assembly parts that are ready to transport and assemble can be supplied directly to the end user if so required.

We guarantee flawless production takeover and take full responsibility for your spare parts supply for the remaining lifecycle of the product. We apply an “on demand” production approach, minimising the need for costly inventory.


  • Supplies continue for several years after series production has ceased (depending     on what customers need)
  • Takeover and optimisation of existing production equipment
  • Efficient use of flexible assembly lines
  • Optimised logistics solutions
  • Efficient production regardless of component size – from small beams to large body     panels for truck cabs
  • Production technology for steel, high-strength steel, stainless steel and aluminium


Handling of the 1000+ active delivery part numbers and the accompanying equipment and storage is another of EBP’s core competence areas. Our spacious site footprint and internal MRP systems (both manual and EDI) are a must to support our flexible production solutions. Within the Niche to medium volume segment drives complexity in equipment storage, purchasing and production which makes EBPS logistical set up a key element with a  focus on environmental aspects and sustainabillity. Simple, effective and lean is a logistical must to be able to deliver all parts at varying volumes to the correct price.


  • High on site storage footprint.
  • Large flexible storage access in close proximity to the factory with easy access to harbour, train and road.
  • Local collaboration with all suppliers / partners to complement the logistical capability to support customer delivery requirements and JIT (Just in time) schedules.
  • EBP incorperate electric trucks for in house transports and movements which contribute largely to quality and environmental aspects during production.


Whether it is the manufacture of brand new tooling or “change control management” in existing equipment, EBP has the competence to handle both. With our Project management and tooling supplier partnerships, we can instigate everything from a small product change to the development and manufacture of a press and assembly solution where we are involved with the customer from the “get go”.