Mattias Ivansson will act as CEO of EBP in Olofström AB as of 2019-01-01.

Current CEO Ronnie Rossander worked for EBP the last three years and he has chosen to enter as a partner in another company with the beginning of 2019.

This has been agreed with the board and owner for the fourth quarter of 2018. "It has been an extremely exciting period and I think both, EBP and myself have developed during these years. I am very happy and grateful to have had this opportunity," says Ronnie.

Mattias has been Purchasing / Logistics Manager for the past 3.5 years and has a very good experience and insight into EBP and its operations. He previously worked in EBP's organization for 8 years in Purchasing.

"Today EBP is a very exciting company with healthy order books and great prospects for the increasing development," says Mattias.

"We have an incredible strength in our staff and know-how, which has given us our new business and secured a stable production for several years," Mattias continues.

EBP (European Body Panels) is a major manufacturer of complex body parts from low to medium series in the automotive industry. Among others, Volvo Cars, Volvo Trucks, Volkswagen Group and Aston Martin, EBP provide serial deliveries and spare parts.

During the year, the business will trade around 400 million kronor with 200 employees in Olofström.

EBP is owned by Per Vannesjö Industri AB (PVI) EBP in Olofström AB (, is part of the PVI Industries business area, together with EssKå Metallindustri AB ( in Landeryd outside Hylte bruk and PVI Segerström ( in Eskilstuna, which presses sheet metal for the automotive industry. As well as Ekenäs Mekaniska AB ( in Ekenässjön outside Vetlanda and R-man ( in Värnamo, both focused on pipe bending. All fully owned subsidiaries of Per Vannesjö Industri AB